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Doors For Every Purpose

Not only are doors an essential security component, they’re also one of the most important design elements of your home. Whether your going for a modern or craftsmen look, rely on Astro UP. We carry a wide selection of interior and exterior doors from some of the top named brands.

Choosing The Right Doors

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors primarily come in three materials – steel, fiberglass, and wood. Choosing the right material for your home will depend on your specific needs. Steel doors are affordable and highly secure. Fiberglass doors are a great choice for homeowners looking for a low maintenance solution. Finally, wood doors are more costly but offer a rich look that isn’t easily replicated.

Interior Doors

Along with delivering functional benefits, interior doors have a big impact on the overall look of your home. Use them to express your style and create a sense of flow from room to room. Other important factors that should be considering when selecting your interior doors include function, door swing, material, and sound ratings.

Our Door Brands

thermatru exterior doors

ThermaTru Exterior Doors

Across the nation, ThermaTru is the preferred brand for fiberglass and steel exterior doors. With a strong focus on innovation, they’ve succeeded in delivering a fine balance between performance, durability and design.

woodport interior doors

Woodport Interior Doors

Located in the deep woods of Northern Wisconsin, fine craftsmanship defines Woodport Doors. No matter which style or material you choose for you home, rely on Woodport to deliver interior doors that are both beautiful and strong.

waudena doors

Waudena Doors

Based in the Midwest, Waudena Millworks is known for producing high-quality products using American-made components whenever possible. From traditional to contemporary, they offer a wide variety of interior and exterior doors to complement any décor.

hormann garage doors

Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann is recognized around the world for being one of the top manufacturers of residential and commercial garage doors. They offer a broad range of designs, all of which are sage, secure and durable.

pella storm doors

Pella Storm Doors

Pella Storm Doors are designed to help you let in the light, while keeping the weather out. From decorative to simplistic, they offer a wide variety of styles so that you can find something that suits your preferences.